10 Creative Ways to Include Children in a

Blended Family Wedding.


It’s going to be a blended family wedding!

You’re in love with your person.  You’ve made the decision to get married.

You already have children … they already have children … or you both do!

How to get your day absolutely right so each child feels special and included in your ceremony.

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You and your celebrant can create gorgeous opportunities to reimagine a traditional wedding concept by deciding to include the children wherever possible from the start of the process, right through to the ceremony.

If children feel involved and vital throughout your blended family wedding, it will be a day they’ll remember forever.



2*  Teenagers to Toddlers …

If you’ve got teenagers, consider them to be the person that walks the bride/groom up the aisle, or as a bridesmaid or best man.  If you’ve got little ones, of course they need to be flower girls and page boys!





4*  Family Vows …

Not just vows between the wedding couple, but family vows at a blended family wedding are a great way for children to feel included.  If you’ve got little ones, make it nice and easy.  It can be as simple as “Do you, Emma, Paul, Sam and Leila promise to be the best person you can be in this beautifully unique family, every single day?” Family all answer … “We do.” Heart swell moment!





6*  Surprise Ceremony Gifts & Words

Consider gifting the children something to signify the day for them.  One of my couples had special necklaces made for their sons which they presented after the groom shared some beautiful vows as a step parent, towards his step son.  It was a divine moment.





8*  Presenting the Family … 

Ask your celebrant to present the family at the end of the ceremony rather than just the couple. “It gives me the greatest pleasure to present, for the very first time, Mr & Mrs Smith and their gorgeous family!”  And then the whole family can walk down the aisle and get confettied! Stunning!






10* Family Entrance …

For the reception .. a ‘family entrance’ is a gorgeous idea.  Kids will never forget the feeling of walking in together with all the people who love them the most cheering them on.


1*  Invitations From The Kids …

If you’re focussing on your blended family, why not have the children design the invitation and then get it printed?  Kids love to see their artwork recognized and they’ll love it!  It could read something like … ‘we would love to invite you to celebrate the marriage of our parents …’ and get the kids to write the guest’s names too!




3*  Give Toddlers JOBS … 

As an ex school teacher, I know how much kids love a bit of responsibility so if you’ve got a small person, consider giving them a JOB.  Like Blake in this picture, carrying a sign to lead his Mum and Grandfather up the aisle.  Another wedding I did had their toddler walk up the aisle first with a specially made little silver briefcase with ‘special cargo’ printed on it.  It contained the rings.  So cute!





5*  Reading by a Child …

Have a child do a reading during the ceremony.  There are so many beautiful ones that will suit children perfectly, like Winnie The Pooh, or A Lovely Love Story by Edward Monkton.







7*  Unity Ceremony …

A sand ceremony is the perfect way to signify the coming together and unity of the family.  Each person pours a different coloured sand into a glass frame which can then be hung on a living room wall as a memento of the day.  One wedding I did, we took it a step further and as each child poured their sand, I shared the child’s own words about what this family means to them.  It was so lovely!





9*  Kids Design Place Names …

Save on more printing costs and carry on the kids art themes from the invitations by getting them to write the place names and decorate those.  It could be a family art night … get busy with glitter bombs and glue sticks!



Create a family wedding day that everyone in the family feels involved in and will never forget. 

Create your bliss!