Sweet & Simple

Sweet & Simple

I’m getting more enquiries about ‘just the basics and no guests or just a couple of guests’ weddings, so I’ve designed a ceremony package that will appeal to couples whose plans have been affected by Covid, travellers, or people who want to marry but don’t want the expense of a wedding because they want to be free to spend their money in other ways. And fair enough!

Big weddings and being the centre of attention isn’t right for everyone.
Sometimes you just want to get married in a simple fun way, and get on with your life together.
It’s an ideal option for people who want a low key, low stress option.
Or maybe are planning a bigger celebration later on.
Or maybe you’re eloping!

So I’ve put together this little stress free, ‘Sweet & Simple’ ceremony option with all the essential elements … it will still be super special and a stunning memory you will treasure forever.
It’s a super simple process. We basically meet once via zoom, talk everything through – then you turn up on the day or I come to you, and we get you married!

There are a few conditions that go with this ceremony package:

  • The wedding must be in Auckland.
  • One zoom chat to meet.
  • On the day, there must be a maximum of ten people, including the couple and their two witnesses.
  • We do the ceremony, and you’re married and free to celebrate in whichever way you wish in less than half an hour.
  • I can offer you random times during the week, weeknights and there is weekend availability depending on the time of year
    (Note: this package is not available on Saturday afternoons from October (through to May unless it’s really short notice and I don’t have a (previous wedding booking!).
  • I can offer you a beautiful, short, simple and gorgeous little ceremony that I’ve crafted especially for this purpose – if you would like anything more than that, you’ll need to refer to my normal costing under ‘wedding process’ on this page.
  • You can however, add to the vow section as much as you like and personalize it yourselves if you wish.

The marriage license is not included in this fee – you must apply for that as you would normally through the Department of Internal Affairs, but as I do with every wedding, if you email it to me I will have it printed out and ready for signing on your wedding day.

The ‘Sweet & Simple’ Wedding Package is $450+gst.

Sometimes simple … is all you need. Let’s chat!

Jaq  x

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